Lindsey Vonn Tweeted Out Her Phone Number So Go Shoot Your Shot

Lindsey Vonn decided to tweet her phone number to the world on the Fourth of July. Vonn took to social media to share a message with her more than 1 million followers. She tweeted out her number and promised to respond as much as possible in an attempt to connect with her fans.

“Want to text me? I got this new number and now I can text my fans directly! Social media is great but it’s not as personal as texting,” she wrote on Twitter. “I can’t get back to everyone but you’ll get something special I promise. 970-471-7878.”

Of course, many fans did not believe it was actually her sending the message or simply believed that she may have been hacked.

However, Vonn followed the tweet up with a video to prove that she really was the person behind the number.

With the overwhelming amount of messages that Vonn was expecting after tweeting out the number, the service she was using had an automated message set up to respond.

She continued to comment on social media about the number, even saying that she was “having fun” responding to fans and that her current boyfriend, NHL star P.K. Subban, was also enjoying reading the messages that were flying in.

“I’ve gotten so many texts from fans it’s so cool. Thanks everyone! @PKSubban1 was having fun with it too lol,” she wrote.

And rest assured, while some continue to believe that texting the number is some sort of scam, Vonn has been adamant that it is not and that she is simply looking for a more direct form of communication. She wrote: “No it’s not a scam. Just trying to connect with my fans.”

So, there you have it fellas. It may not have worked out too well for Tiger Woods, but now you have an opportunity to shoot your shot.

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