These #AirportPickupLines Will Make Sure You Don't Miss Your Next Connection

Twitter is a great place to find engaging and hilarious hashtags. Today, we were treated to “#AirportPickupLines” which offer up some suggestions on how to find the love of your life while traveling through the skies with the best Airport Pickup Lines social media has to offer.
Airports are filled with bars and, let’s be honest, there isn’t much to do at airports other than to get liquored up and pretending to stay busy on your laptop before leaving to your next destination. And if you’re lucky, you may just be seated next to someone who catches your eye and you don’t want to miss out on that connection.
How could find your significant other while waiting for your flight to board?
A look at some of the best airport pickup lines on Twitter can be seen below.

“How about you shove your carry-on in my overhead compartment.” – @Acidic_Blonde
“Just me or are we connecting?” – @HipFireSpirit
“You must be a pilot because you’d look perfect in my cockpit.” – @Acidic_Blonde
“Want to layover, at my house?” – @lisamarie1222
“Is there an airport nearby, or is that my heart taking off?” – @mychal3ts

“Please return the flight attendant to her original upright position.” – @ricosuave60
“You look like the kind of girl I’d like to ‘Carry On’ with” – @stgavalot
“Can I interest you in my snack sized packet of nuts?” – @wildcomet83
“Want to take this virgin all the way to Bangkok?” – @yakinmelon
“If “take off” excites you, wait until you see my ‘landing gear’!” – @steveol83303976
“You must get stopped by TSA a lot, cuz you da bomb!” – @klf113

“Was that turbulence or did you just rock my world?” – @mindilcious
“Does this airport have WiFi? because I am feeling a strong connection.” – @nol_lee_moran
“I’d love to be your final destination.” – @stephycasp
“You don’t have to fly to Hawaii to get lei’d.” – @tvandsweatpants

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