Can Jason Momoa Fill In For 'Wolverine'?

With the release of 2017’s comic-book movie Logan, marking the end of Hugh Jackman’s (glorious) reign portraying the popular Marvel character ‘Wolverine’, fans have been wondering, and speculating, who would be the next best fit to portray this complicated character. Add in the fact that the recently released X-Men: Dark Phoenix was a cinematic flop, fans also wonder if the movie executives should let the X-Men brand rest for a bit. However, with Disney‘s purchase of Fox, the parent company of Marvel now owns not only the X-Men movie franchise, but The Fantastic Four and other former Fox owned Marvel licenses. So without a doubt, Disney will want to set up a reboot for the X-Men franchise, but not immediately. Though, the question still remains from fans as to who will play ‘Wolverine’. Well it turns out, in a report from UPROXX, that popular American actor Jason Momoa would “love to play Wolverine,” and that he grew up loving the character, as well as Jackman’s portrayal of him. Suffice to say, can Momoa fill in for ‘Wolverine’? Let’s take a look at his former acting parts.

Momoa promoting Conan the Barbarian at Planet Hollywood


Conan The Barbarian

In 2011’s re-imagining of the 1982 film, originally starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Momoa plays as the title character ‘Conan’. In this film ‘Conan’ (Momoa) must carve a bloody path to avenge those he knew that were killed by his mortal enemy, ‘Khalar Zym’ (played by Stephen Lang). However, like most Fantasy/Thriller movies, this quest for “simple” vengeance turns into a quest to save the land of ‘Hyboria’ from the evils that ‘Khalar Zym’ plans to release upon it.

Momoa at the season 8 premiere for Game of Thrones

Ivan Nikolov/

Game Of Thrones

In the same year, 2011, Game of Thrones premiered on the subscription-based television channel HBO and much like Momoa’s other role as ‘Conan’, he was given the role as G.O.T.‘s popular character, ‘Khal Drogo’. As ‘Khal Drogo’, Momoa portrays the chieftain of a ‘Dothraki Khalasar’. The character is often referred to as ‘The Great Khal’. This character is from a race of fictional people who are considered savage, battle hardened, immoral and fierce warriors. ‘Drogo’, like ‘Conan’, is considered to be a legendary warrior and strongest of his entire race; let alone his ‘Khalasar’.

Momoa holding the Trident at the UK premiere of Aquaman

Phil Lewis/


Momoa has portrayed this popular DC superhero twice now in the D.C.E.U. Once in 2017’s Justice League and again in his own stand-alone superhero movie, 2018’s Aquaman. Both of these films may not be as nearly bloody, like his above mentioned acting jobs, but they gave him experience as to what it is like to play as a comic-book superhero. With all the high octane and powerful action orientated combat that comes with being stared in a superhero movie.
‘Wolverine’, as we have seen through Jackman’s portrayal, let alone the comics, has been solidified as a bloody and ruthless superhero. With Momoa’s experience playing as savage, bloody and ruthless barbarian characters, ‘Conan’ and ‘Khal Drogo’, combined with his experience of playing as a superhero, ‘Aquaman’, make him the almost “perfect” choice as to being cast as ‘Wolverine’. Momoa has also experienced similar roles to ‘Wolverine’ by playing as ‘Declan Harp’ in Netflix‘s original show Frontier. So the final choice, of course, will come down to the executives of Disney if we will see Momoa on the big screen as popular character ‘Wolverine’. He certainly has the motivation and desire to pull it off.

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