WATCH: Chance the Rapper Makes Stand-Up Comedy Debut in Chicago

Chance the Rapper is already a successful hip hop artist and a man who is well-known for doing a lot of positive work in his community. Now, he is trying out another avenue of entertainment in his hometown of Chicago that shows just how diverse Chance is as an entertainer.
While out on a date night with his wife, Chance the Rapper decided to hop on stage at the Laugh Factory to try his hand at stand-up comedy when the club opened up the stage for those in attendance.
According to TMZ, Chance performed a three-minute set after being encouraged by his wife, Kirsten Corley, on Tuesday, June 18.
Chance the Rapper discussed what he is known for by various groups of people, nailed a Chris Hansen joke, and even brought a little toilet humor with a fart joke. During his brief segment, Chance even encountered a heckler.
He shared a brief clip of his stand-up efforts on social media.
“Date Night was amazing last night. Had a great dinner at @mapleandash and made it out to #laughfactory and saw a few awesome comedians. After the show was over they had an open mic and my wife gassed me into doing 3 minutes,” he wrote on Instagram. “I had a lil heckler try to cut into my jokes but I made it through and conquered a fear of mine. Moral of the story, getchu somebody thats gone gas you, and then take them on dates (more often).”
You can check out the clip below:

Not too shabby for a first effort at stand-up. Who knows, once Chance the Rapper finally finishes and releases his studio album we can see him return to the stage to continue working on his stand-up. Or if he really wants to get creative, he can bring some stand-up flare to the album with some interludes and skits.

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