Top 6 Most Useful Websites For College Students

It’s no secret that the life of a college student might be the right path to a better future, but it’s certainly not an easy one. With all the expectations pilling high, it can seem quite overwhelming. That’s where the internet comes into play.

However, even that can present a challenge. It can be effortless to get distracted from social media and might also be a hassle to find the right websites to help. Therefore, this list will narrow down six sites that can help college students the most.

Rate My Professor

Rate Your Professor


When searching for your classes, never underestimate who is providing your lessons. A professor can enhance or deter a class experience depending on how efficient that can be, and how fair they are to their students.

While it’s vital to bring up, that one may not always have the option to choose their professor, when the choice is there, it’s best to take it. That’s where Rate My Professor come into play.

Rate My Professor has reviews from millions of students on millions of teachers from millions of universities around the world. It can help determine who’s classes are more busy work, which ones are more laid back, which ones teach the material better, etc.

In other words, it helps give students a voice to express how they feel about a professor and what one could expect.


Self Control


As stated before, while the internet may be an excellent place for research and communication. It’s also quite easy to get distracted by many factors such as social media notifications, advertisement pop-ups, and urge to check out that one more Youtube video. That’s where SelfControl helps out.

SelfControl is a free app on Mac that will block any kind of notifications and sites that have no purpose to what one may be studying. A timer can be set depending on the amount of time that one may need to invest their time.

(Although it is unknown if there is a version for PC download).




When it comes to that time for studying, there are many different ways people can prepare for understanding the knowledge required for the course. Some choose to study with friends while others wish to be alone. For those who work best single, Koofers is the best option.

Much like Quizlet, Koofers allows one to self-study material with the feature to create flashcards, however, unlike Quizlet, Koofers is also a great place to find potential job applications and opportunities.

For those looking to find ways to make extra money on the side during school, this site allows them to have better luck with finding the right openings.

It also has the feature to rate your professor, but may not be as helpful as Rate My Professor (the website).




During the later months of a semester, one might have the task of creating a class project, and perhaps they might have an idea, but not nearly enough information to provide the best plan. That’s where InstaGrok can help.

InstaGrok can search through a vast amount of research on the topic at choice. It does so by creating a creative web diagram of all these bits of information.

It will also provide the source for this research to understand the information more in depth.

The Owl

Owl Prelude


On top of the source being a good use for detailed information, it will also provide who to credit when creating citing a work cited page. Sometimes doing this can be more complicated then it needs to be. That’s where the owl can provide support.

The Owl is a site that gives readers information on how to credit specific sources when writing an essay, project, research, etc. Along with other details and tutorials on writing in general.

Furthermore, there is also an excellent feature for online citing that allows one to type all the information up so that creating the MLA format (or whichever is required) is much simpler to do.


Ted Talks


This one may seem unusual at first. Ted doesn’t help with research, planning, studying, or anything on the school itself. What it can help with, is motivation.

Even with all the tools in the world, there still might be confusion and uncertainty. That’s where TED can fill the gap.

TED is full of speakers with inspirational and motivational speeches that can bring any student up on their feet. Because in the end, no one is alone on the stress.

There are always people out there that may be lost, scared, nervous and have no one to relate to. But hearing a motivational speech from someone who knows exactly what one is going through, is likely one of the most useful tools any college student can have.

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