Rolfy Ferrery Identified as the Man Who Shot David Ortiz

Rolfy Ferrery has been identified as the man who allegedly pulled the trigger in the shooting of former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic, according to NBC Philadelphia. Dominican Republic chief prosecutor Jean Alain Rodriguez Sanchez announced the news at a press conference on Wednesday.
Ferrery is one of five men who have been detained related to the shooting.
Eddy Feliz Garcia was the first suspect to be arrested. After Ortiz was shot in the back, Feliz reportedly fell off of the motorcycle he was driving which led to a mob of witnesses brutally beating him on the street. Feliz was charged as an accomplice to attempted homicide.
A sixth suspect is still being pursued, according to authorities.
The shooting was carried out by Ferrery and Feliz, who had met with two other groups of people shortly before the shooting. The group of people involved in the attempted murder of David Ortiz reportedly charged $8,000 for the hit, according to WBZ’s Anaridis Rodriguez.

Following the shooting, Ortiz underwent two surgeries. He is in stable condition and is currently recovering in Massachusetts after being transported from the Dominican Republic. During the surgeries, Ortiz had his gallbladder removed and part of his intestines.
Ortiz was a member of three World Series championship teams during his team with the Boston Red Sox and was the 2013 World Series MVP. Ortiz was in his birthplace of Santo Domingo when he was shot.
Throughout his MLB career, Ortiz was a 10-time All-Star, seven-time Silver Slugger Award winner, Roberto Clemente Award winner, two-time AL Hank Aaron Award winner, and the AL home run leader in 2006.
Ortiz’s No. 34 was retired by the Red Sox following his playing career.
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