Katie Lee Pitchford Arrested for Squeezing Boyfriend's Genitals Until They Bled

Katie Lee Pitchford, a 21-year-old old woman from Florida, was arrested earlier this month after a terrifying incident. According to the Miami Herald, the incident occurred on June 4 south of Orlando which resulted in Pitchford squeezing her boyfriend’s testicles until they bled.
Ouch. Pour one out for the homies.
Pitchford attacked her unidentified boyfriend during an argument and also struck him “with her fists and scratched the left side of his face.” She claims there was an argument, but that things never got physical.
From the report:

The report states that the man had blood running down his left side of his face, which had visible bruising, said the arrest affidavit. The individual also told officers that Pitchford “grabbed him by his b—s and squeezed them until they were bleeding.” After the man said the woman put her hands around his throat and he could not breathe, he wrestled her by the arms and was able to get away and call police.

As a result, Pitchford was placed under arrest for battery and accused of violating her probation.
The Sun-Sentinel adds:

In the back of the squad car after she was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery, Pitchford “asked if she could talk to the victim because she wanted to say she was sorry,” the arresting officer said in the report.

Prior to the incident, Pitchford was already on felony probation for resisting an officer with violence in November 2017. She was booked without incident by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and there was no bond. She remained in jail as late as Monday.
We have to wonder if the news will impact Pitchford’s chances of landing another boyfriend anytime soon. A quick Google search will give a proper warning to any potential suitor, but hey, some people may be into that kind of thing.

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