E3 Nintendo 2019: Live Stream, Preview & What To Expect

It’s that time of the year again for Video Game Fans around the world. E3 has begun this month, giving the people what gamers can expect from the major gaming companies such as Microsoft and Bethesda. However, one company reins as the juggernaut of them all: Nintendo.
Being one of the most beloved Video Game companies, it would only make sense of how they’re one of the most anticipated E3 conventions of the event. But what can gamers and fans expect to see and look forward to? Let us take a look at some predictions.

Where & How To Watch

Example of streaming from laptop.


The press will be streaming live for public viewing. It has been scheduled for June 11th at 9 PM Pacific time, 12 PM Eastern Time, and in the UK it will begin a day later at 2am.


Pokemon: Sword and Sheild

Pikachu to show off the pokemon.


While there has already been a Nintendo Direct recently this month talking about the game more depth, there may still be room to demonstrate more about the starter pokemon that will be presented.
This may include there move sets and evolutions as many Pokemon fans will be quite intrigued to see.

The Major Software Focus

The switch is the A title console.


It has been reported that the focus of the event will not include any announcements of new hardware for the company. With this in mind, there have been plenty of games that have been hinted at for almost as long as a whole year since E3 2018. Because of this, there are many new titles that fans can be expected to be updated on.
Some of these titles include the latest port on Animal Crossing for the Nintendo switch (which was hinted back during Isabelle’s Smash Bros Ultimate announcement). The third installments to Luigi’s Mansion and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. A remake to the Gameboy classic, The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening. A brand new game by PlatinumGames’ (Developers of Bayonetta) titles “Astral Chain.” As well as several other exciting releases.

Metroid Prime 4

Samus to represent Metriod


While those games may seem like they will be appeased the average Nintendo fan, none of them can come close when it comes to the anticipation of the fourth installment of the Metroid Prime series. It’s been over a decade since the last game in the series went to the Nintendo Wii back in 2007, and with the disappointment that was Metroid: Other M, fans alike have been hoping for a proper Metroid 3d platformer.
Although the release of Metroid: Samus Returns on the Nintendo 3ds has been able to satisfy those looking for an updated experience for the 2d Metroid play style. One can only imagine what a 3d experience that was first brought to the Gamecube in 2002 what looks like in the next decade.

Whats Next for Smash

Smash Bros Ultimate for the switch.


For the longest time in 2018, one of the most strongly anticipated games by Nintendo was the release of the 5th Instalment of the smash brothers series “Smash Bros Ultimate.” On it’s final Direct, it would be revealed that five new characters/stage would be released as DLC (downloadable content).
Back at the 2018 game awards, it was revealed that the character Joker from the critical hit “Persona 5” would become the first of these characters. Then between this May and June, he was finally released online.
Now Smash Bros fan alike wait eagerly for the next DLC to be confirmed.
A few popular contenders for the next spot consist of Microsoft Representatives such as Banjo Kazooie from the Rareware game of the same title, or Steve the default character of the vastly famous open-world explorer “Minecraft.”
Another possibility may come from the character Sora from the “Kingdom Hearts” saga. If Square Enix were willing to let the team use Cloud Strife off of Final Fantasy VII, then Sora would be an equally warm welcome, especially given the popularity that was Kingdom Hearts 3 earlier this year.
Although the possibilities are still so endless and unsure at the moment.

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