Madison Moore: Elementary Teacher Dies After Accidentally Shooting Herself

Madison Moore, an elementary teacher from North Carolina, is dead at 28 years old. Moore’s untimely death came after she shot herself in the stomach with one shot inside of a Ruby Tuesdays restaurant. The death was ruled accidental, according to the Charlotte Observer.
She died after being transported to the Atrium Carolinas Medical Center Northeast.
“The Concord police department is currently investigating a shooting that took place at the Ruby Tuesdays on Spider Drive,” the police department said in a statement. “The primary investigation indicates that this was an accidental discharge and the person in possession of the weapon was the person who was shot. The scene is secure and there is no further threat to the public.”
Moore was a third-grade teacher at Knollwood Elementary School near Charlotte.
The report adds:

Police said Moore was taken to an area hospital, where she was later declared dead. Information on what led up to the gun firing was unavailable, and there was no word if Moore was a customer or employee at the Ruby Tuesday restaurant. Police said an investigation into the fatal shooting is ongoing.

Moore was reportedly the owner of the weapon that she was in possession of when it discharged.
Within the last few months, there have been a number of accidental shootings. Country music singer Justin Carter died after getting shot with what was supposed to be a prop gun, an Indiana man accidentally shot himself in the genitals with an unlicensed gun, and a 74-year-old teacher was arrested after accidentally discharging a gun inside of a classroom occupied by first-grade students.
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