Nutella Worker Strike: Why Did Workers Boycott?

A strike in the workplace is usually made under drastic measures. They’re often the last moment resort since they can become problematic for the place their working at.
There’s no exception when it comes to the most recent strike being held at a Nutella factory stationed in France, although the causes are not only higher pay but also something much more environmental.

Nutella Strike Cause

The Spread of Hazelnut itself


It’s been believed that the ingredients that are used to make the spread have been running short in recent time. Because of this, the shortage has brought up some environmental concerns to the production of Nutella. This is one of the leading causes as to why the distributors of the raw goods used to make the product have ceased in making deliveries.
This possibly comes from a poor hazelnut production plant in Turkey as it has a had a bad history with the quality of their crops.
Furthermore, with the lack of ingredients, it has also caused companies that have received the shipments to underpay their employees for around 0.18 euros (20 cents in US currency). Which as one could imagine can go along way in the long run in pay.

The Problems That the Strike Creates

Hazelnuts shown in a bag


The strike in environmentalism has caused a blockage that prevents trucks from shipping any of the materials out. This has created a significant decrease in sales for Nutella in Europe and possibly other locations globally. Even though this strike has not created a significant issue with the companies economy as the problem is only centered around a minor amount of factories in Europe, the problem can spread if not taken care of.
When going into the higher pay situation, it has been reported the Nutella employees on strike have called for a raise in their pay that will rise up to four and a half cents with a bonus of nine hundred euros (or a thousand dollars in US currency).
The Union, known as FO (Force Ouvriere), has been the leading force involved. They have been denied the opportunity to negotiate a reported amount of six times. In which Canchel (a lead member of the union) claimed to be an act against their right to protest.

Potential Solution

Kellog company that they plan to work with.


It has been announced that Ferro (name of the leading company) will purchase the biscuit and snack business of the American Kellog Company for as much as 1.16 Billion Euros (about one billion and three hundred US dollars). The idea is to obtain a better provider in the resources and pay. The plan is still in its infancy, but the company can only hope this will provide a solution for the strike.

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