Doug Jones Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Jones Worth Now?

You may not know his face right away, but you have seen Doug Jones in several Movies and TV Shows, stretching all the way back to the 1990s. The actor has starred in numerous films, such as Hellboy(2004), Pan’s Labyrinth and the 2017 academy award winning film, The Shape of Water.
Along with his work in Film, he’s made appearances in numerous Television shows, such as Falling Skies, The Strain, Arrow and in Star Trek Discovery, where he portrays Commander Saru. The reason you’ve never seen Jones is because his most well-known characters have him wearing prosthetics, Masks, and motion capture suits.

Doug Jones Net Worth: $2 Million

Doug Jones at Comic Con


While Jones won’t be making as much as a lot of Hollywood A-Listers, he has been doing a good job get work. According to, he is currently worth $2 million.

Early Life

Doug Jones on red carpet


Jones was born on May 24th, 1960 in Indianapolis as the youngest of 4 brothers. He attended Bishop Chatard High School and would graduate from Ball State University,  where he discovered the art of mime. He would even portray the school’s mascot “Charlie Cardinal.”

Early Career

Doug Jones at the Saturn Awards


Jones would later move to Hollywood in 1985. One of his first roles would be for portraying McDonald’s Mac Tonight. This would be the start of his career as “That tall skinny guy that wears stuff and moves well in it and doesn’t complain while doing so.” Jones first feature film was in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, where he portrayed a “Thin Clown.” In an interview with Great Big Story, he said that he got the role because of his control legs.

Known Roles

Doug Jones at the Premier of What We Do In The Shadoows


As mentioned before, Doug Jones has been in a lot of film and tv shows. His best-known roles are Abe Sapien in the original Hellboy and its sequel, The Golden Army, the Fawn in Pan’s Labyrinth, The Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Some of these roles have other actors dubbing over his performance, such as Lawrence Fishburne voicing the Silver Surfer.

Make-Up and Creatures

Doug Jones at premier of Pans Labyrinth

When asked how long the Make-Up process take, Jones, stated in an interview with Great Big Story that it take as quick as just putting on a simple suit and zipping up the back, to many hours of apply make-up and masks to his every part of his body. When portraying Commander Saru in Star Trek Discovery, Jone says it takes about 2 hours to have the Make-Up team do their work, which he calls “mercifully short.” However, something like playing Abe Sapien will take as long as 7 hours, since they have to cover his entire body with Make-Up.
When asked why someone would go through all this time to create a creature with Make-Up, rubber suit work, and other appliances, Jones says that “I think people like to watch people. Even if that person is playing a monster, they want to connect with a humans interpretation and performance of that monster.”

Personal Life

Doug Jones in a Red Shirt.


Before moving to Hollywood, he married his college sweet-heart, Laurie, in 1984. In an interview in a Hellboy souvenir magazine, which can be found on his website, Jones describes himself as a “dyed-in-the-wool Christian from the Midwest,” to the point that he was initially apprehensive about his role in Hellboy, due to the titular character’s demonic nature. Because his most well-known parts have his face is covered continuously in Make-Up and Masks, he can move much more freely in public and not be haggled by the press or the general public.

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