This Is What Could Have Been for Late Iconic Musicians

Whenever an iconic musician passes away, the world mourns together. People discuss what their favorite song was, legendary performances, and the cause of death. It’s never pleasant to learn that a musician passed away from substance abuse, which is an upsettingly common way for celebrities to go.
With the death of legends, many people wonder what could have been if these musicians were still alive. Would they still make music? Would they still perform? Or would they become washed up?
Recently, River Oaks Treatment Facility published a study theorizing where iconic musicians would be in their careers without drugs. The study compares sensational artists’ careers to similar artists careers after the death of the sensation to determine how much longer their career could have continued (had they not passed away due to drugs).
Twenty-five artists were chosen from their time of passing during the past six decades. In the 1970s, some deaths included musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Keith Moon.
Jimi Hendrix, who was known for his guitar skills, passed away at age 27 in 1970 due to barbiturates. His career was only 7 years long, and he released 8 albums during his lifetime. If he hadn’t passed away due to drugs, the study states that his career could have lasted an additional 49 years with the potential for it to be ongoing.
Janis Joplin, who was an incredible rock star, passed away at the age of 27 in 1970 due to heroin. Her career had lasted 8 years with 3 albums released. The study theorizes that if she had no passed away due to drugs, her career could have lasted an additional 42 years and would be ongoing.
Keith Moon, who was the eccentric drummer for the Who, passed away in 1978 due to clomethiazole. His career had lasted 16 years, and he released 17 albums in his lifetime. According to the study, his career had the potential to last an additional 41 years, and it would be ongoing. Without drugs, he could have theoretically released an additional six Top 100 songs.
Other artists who passed away in different decades included Mac Miller, Kurt Cobain, and John Belushi among many others. While we all wish these fabulous musicians could still be alive today (or at least could have passed peacefully), we can still appreciate their musical talent and impact on the industry.

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