Alex Trebek Net Worth 2023: How Much is Alex Worth Now?

Alex Trebek is one of the most well-known game show hosts in the history of television. He’s been in home screens delighting viewers with his down to earth charm since 1966 with shows such as The $128,000 Question, Pitfall, and Classic Concentration. However, neither of which can compete for his most iconic work as the Host of Jeopardy!.

Alex Trebek Net Worth As Of 2019: $50 Million

Early Life: 1940-1957

Alex Trebek was born on July 22nd, 1940 in Sudbury, Canada. He grew up with parents that he believed had different ways of thinking in life. Which caused him to have an interest in philosophy in which he studied throughout high school until he graduated in 1957.

Early Career: 1961-1966


Before he became the man we know him today, Alex began his career as a fill-in reporter as well as a newscaster for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (aka CBC) in 1961 four years after his high school graduation. This interest of journalism came in after his original plans to study in philosophy. Only to then lose the interest in journalism five years later to aspire in something much different and much more unexpected, game show hosting.

Game Show Host Pre Jeopardy: 1973-1982

One of his earliest works as a game show host came from a program called Reach for the Top which aired in 1966, he then moved on in 1970 to host another show that would become much more popular Jackpot. Three years later, Alex would soon take his position from his home in Canada to The United States where he would host his first American game show The Wizard of Odds, which sadly only lasted a single season. However, this wouldn’t be the end of his American career yet. He would later go on to host other shows such as the previously mentioned $128,000 Question¬† and¬†Pitfall each lasting for only a year from (1977-78) and (1981-82). To the outside eye, it would seem as though Alex’s career has only been put to use on Game shows that only saw a limited time of day. Then one day, it all changed.

Host of Jeopardy and other Achievements: 1984-2019

The show Jeopardy hadn’t been new at the time as it originally aired back in 1964 and had lasted an entire decade as it ended in 1975. Then, when the idea of a revival came into play. ABC as well as Merv Griffin (the creator) called Alex with the opportunity of a lifetime. Since 1984, Alex has cemented himself as the unmistakable and unforgettable host of what is now one of if not Americas most beloved game show. His persona as well as his version of the series, has long surpassed that of Art Fleming and the original run. His overall work has won him as many as Five Daytime Emmys out of Thirty Three Nominations since 1985. On top of that he has even been awarded the Bob Hope Entertainment Award for his many tour visits to American Overseas Troops in 1998 and the Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.


Alex's Hollywood block.


Sadly as of recent time, Alex has been fighting Pancreatic Cancer in its fourth stage, but we hope to see a steady recovery in the future. Even with this news, his reputation as one of the worlds most beloved TV hosts lives strong to this day.

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