WATCH: Ryan Shazier Dances With Bride at His Wedding (VIDEO)

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier was once again placed on the reserve/physically unable to perform list for the 2019-2020 NFL season. However, he is not letting his dream of returning to the football field fade and he continues to remain in high spirits after a severe spinal cord injury that had previously left him paralyzed.
Shazier has overcome incredible odds throughout his physical therapy and it was more evident than ever on Friday, May 3, when he took the dance floor at his wedding reception to dance with his bride.
The visual of Shazier walking onto the dance floor under his own power and having the ability to fully celebrate his own wedding will bring a smile to your face.
You can watch the heart-warming video below:

It is great to see Shazier continuing to flash the smile and positive attitude he has kept throughout the duration of his recovery.
Shazier is still recovering from a spinal contusion suffered in Week 13 of the 2017-18 NFL season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 4, 2017. It was initially believed that Shazier had been paralyzed. However, since the injury, with left him without feeling in his legs, the linebacker has been making positive progress and has even begun walking with assistance.
Shazier has also been sharing his progress on social media and made public appearances like at the 2018 NFL Draft when he walked across the stage under his own power to announce the Steelers pick.
His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous and now he has reached another incredible milestone.
On Sunday, April 7, Shazier posted a video of a workout where he shows just how far he has come. It was just two years ago that people questioned whether Shazier would ever walk again, and now we see him completing three-foot box jumps in the gym.
Now, he is dancing with his bride at his wedding and the inspirational story of Ryan Shazier continues to show that he will not be stopped.

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