North Carolina A&T Lockdown: Armed Suspect on Campus

The North Carolina A&T State University campus has been placed on lockdown after reports of an armed African American suspect on campus.
In a safety alert, the university asked for everyone on campus to “shelter in place.”
According to reports, the unidentified subject — described as being a “tall and thin” African American male with “twists” in a hair — threatened to shoot a female student. The female student was unharmed.
The suspect, who was last seen running towards the university’s Pride Stadium, is wearing black sweatpants, is carrying a black backpack, and may be without a shirt. No further description of the suspect has been provided.
At this time, no entry or exit is permitted from North Carolina A&T State University campus buildings until further notice from authorities.
There is no word on any injuries or fatalities at this time. Both police and campus officials have yet to provide any further information.

North Carolina A&T State University, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a traditionally African America university with over 12,000 students.
Founded on March 9, 1891, North Carolina A&T State University was originally established as the Agricultural and Mechanical College for the Colored Race.
Now one of the oldest public research universities in the United States,
North Carolina A&T State University is the largest historically black college in the entire country with over 10,000 undergraduate students in attendance per year.
Currently, North Carolina A&T State University — which is broken up into seven different schools — offers 54 undergraduate degrees, 29 masters degrees, and nine doctoral degrees.
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