Barcelona vs Liverpool Instant Match Reaction: Messi Scores Two in 3-0 Win

Two of the biggest teams in the history of football faced off today, with Leo Messi and Barcelona defeating Mo Salah and Liverpool by a score of 3-0.
Suarez scored in the first half while Messi tacked on two in the second half to put one of Barcelona’s feet in the Champions League final that will be held in Madrid on June 1.
Many analysts predict that the winner of this tie will go on to win the Champions League and Barcelona proved that tonight, as Barcelona look like the best team left in the tournament by a mile.
While the first half was largely even, Barcelona’s moment of quality shined through in the 26th minute when left-back Jordi Alba put in a beautiful cross to Luis Suarez who neatly slotted the ball past Alisson.
In the first 25 minutes of the second half, Liverpool was the dominant side but wasn’t able to convert a chance and grab that crucial away goal.
As a result, Messi nicked a fluke goal to put the Catalonians up 2-0 and scored an absolute worldie from almost 30 yards out to stretch the lead to 3-0 and effectively put the tie to bed.
Heading into the second leg, while Liverpool will feel that they are able to match Barcelona in quality, a 3-0 deficit may prove too great to overcome.
That said, Barcelona famously blew a 4-1 aggregate lead to AS Roma in the Champions League last year.
The second leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal between Liverpool and Barcelona will be held at Anfield on Tuesday, May 7.
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