Savhana Arai Cousin, Girlfriend Of Dwayne Haskins Jr, Is A First-Round Talent On Her Own

Savhana Arai Cousin could soon be a name very familiar to NFL fans. If you’re a fan of the Ohio State football program, you likely already know that Savhana is a WAG to watch out for thanks to her relationship with Buckeyes star quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr.
But now, with the 2019 NFL Draft on Thursday, April 25 and Haskins a likely first-round pick, Cousin will be introduced to a whole new fan base.
The 20-year-old from Ohio attended Fremont Ross High School before graduating in 2016. After high school, Cousin attended the University of Cincinnati. Haskins, meanwhile, was born in New Jersey and went to high school in Maryland before heading to Columbus.
It remains unclear how the two met, but the couple appears to be going strong.
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