#JusticeForLucca Trends After Unarmed Black Teen Is Brutally Beaten By Florida Police

#JusticeForLucca has begun trending on social media after a video showing two Florida police officers beating a black teen by banging his head against the pavement. The video shows blood splattered across Lucca’s face after the beating by Broward County Officers Christopher Krickovich and Greg LaCerra.
Lucca was beaten and pepper sprayed before being arrested. Another teen was also arrested in the incident. One was charged with simple assault and resisting arrest without violence; the other was reportedly released to his mom, as he had no criminal history, according to Heavy.com.
The video took place near J.P. Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Florida.

Twitter user Markese Ture shared his side of the story in an Instagram post.
“He’s a kind, sweet soul. He bent down to pick up the cell phone of another boy who was also wrongly arrested,” he wrote. “When he stood up, the officer sprayed his face with pepper spray then proceeded to brutally assault him. These kids were gathered at a local McDonald’s after school when police showed up. Lucca broke no laws. Was unarmed. Non-violent.
“Police then charged HIM with assault on an officer and resisting arrest. Neither, as you can see, are true. These are Broward County Sheriffs Christopher Krickovich & Sgt. Greg LaCerra.”
Photos showed a battered Lucca after the arrest.


Krickovich has since been forced to surrender his gun and a badge as the incident is reviewed. Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony vowed to take appropriate measures.
“I wanted to assure you that this incident is being conducted under a thorough investigation. We will look at this as a fact-finding measure to ensure that we hold folks accountable,” Tony said in the video, via the Miami Herald. “Over the next few days, this may take some time for us to look thoroughly into. But understand that we will be transparent, and if folks need to be held accountable, it shall be done.”

Among those who have voiced their support for Lucca were Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.
“What the hell is wrong with our country? This is insane yet routine,” Kerr wrote. “So demoralizing.”

More than 14,000 signatures have been collected on an online petition calling for the firing of the officers involved. You can sign the petition here.

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