The Trivago Guy Isn't Lookin' So Good These Days

Tim Williams, a 52-year-old actor best known as the TV spokesperson for Trivago, was charged with driving while intoxicated after the Houston Polie Department found him asleep behind the wheel of his car on Wednesday, April 10
According to the Houston Police Department, Williams was found asleep in the driver’s seat of his vehicle in the 8800 block of Westheimer around 3:15 p.m. EST on Wednesday, April 10.
After police found the impaired Williams, he failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the nearby Harris County Jail. Once at the Harris Country Jail, Williams agreed to do a blood test.
He was later released on $100 bond and is set to appear in court on Friday, April 17. His IMDb page says that Williams was born in the Houston area.
Trivago released the following statement to CNN about Williams’ arrest:
“At this stage, we do not have the full details of the situation, but we want to make clear that Trivago treats such incidents very seriously and strongly condemns drinking and driving, which poses a risk to others and goes against the Trivago culture,” Trivago said in their official statement.
In addition to his famed Trivago ads, Williams has also made small acting appearances in television shows and movies such as The Cosby Show, The Sopranos, Valkyrie, Labyrinth of Lies, and Law and Order.
Williams has been the face of Trivago, a German-based, company, since 2014. Trivago was the first hotel search engine in Germany and is currently owned by the Expedia Group.
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