WATCH: Woman Nearly Takes Ax To The Head At Colorado 'Throwing Club' (VIDEO)

Have you ever had the desire to head to a “throwing club” and toss axes around? It sounds a little outrageous, but apparently, it is something that people do. One Colorado throwing enthusiast, who goes by the name Ainsley, was enjoying herself at Bad Axe Throwing when she received the scare of a lifetime.
After tossing an ax at a nearby target, the sharp object ricocheted back towards Ainsley and nearly took off her head.
Luckily, she showed off some cat-like reflexes and was able to avoid disaster.
Her friend, Cam Huber, caught the wild moment on video and shared it on Instagram where it currently has more than 44,000 views. Ainsley wrote on Twitter: “That axe almost got me 😯😯😯 … Thanks @camdhuber for capturing this… so glad it missed you!”

That was a close call.
But while the near-disastrous incident could be frightening to some, the New York Post spoke with some ax-throwing experts that say safety measures in the facility featured in the video are more at fault than the errant throw.
“Every guest who throws an ax inside our venue is required to participate in a 15 minute safety and training tutorial where we demonstrate proper throwing mechanics, procedures, and handling of axes,” says Max Klein, a representative at Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn. “Additionally, every guest participating in ax throwing does so with an assigned Axe Pro at their side at all times, so no guest is ever free throwing without instruction like what you see in the video.”
In addition, foam padding is installed around the target to help avoid a scenario where the ax could ricochet as shown in the viral video.
So, it looks like Bad Axe Throwing club needs to work on their safety if they want to meet the standards and guidelines set forth from the National Axe Throwing Federation and World Axe Throwing League.

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