'Avid Traveler' Aleisha Tracy, 33, Dies During 16-Hour Flight To Australia

Aleisha Tracy, who is described as an avid traveler, mysteriously died at age 33 while on a 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia. Tracy had recently wrapped up a vacation in the United States and was returning home at the time of her passing.
According to the Daily Mail, friends are stunned by the news because Aleisha was “happy and healthy” when she boarded the plane.
Her death is being investigated by Victoria Police and a coroner is set to investigate her death with a post mortem examination. Her death came on a flight path that she reportedly has flown many times before.
One of Aleisha’s heartbroken friends, David Loiterton, gave a tribute with an emotional statement on social media.
“Aleisha Tracy, I’m devastated. I will miss you brightening up my day. I will miss your hilarious stories … I will miss your bargain stories. I will miss your messages and seeing your face pop up,” Loiterton wrote. “I will miss your famous selfie pose. I will miss us looking at each other and knowing what we mean.”
Prior to her death, Aleisha was documenting her travels on Instagram.
The details of her passing are scarce, but one passenger who was on board said that the flight crew had done everything in their power to save Aleisha’s life.
“We were on this flight and the QANTAS staff, could not be faulted, they were amazing. A very sad situation and my thoughts are with the family,” the alleged passenger wrote on social media.
Our deepest condolences are with Aleisha’s friend, family, and everyone impacted by the tragedy during this incredibly difficult time.

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