Nipsey Hussle Shooting Captured On Surveillance Camera Footage

Rapper Nipsey Hussle of Crenshaw was shot and killed on Sunday, March 31 outside of his clothing store in Los Angeles, California. The rapper was 33 years old. Hussle was recently nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards for his debut studio album “Victory Lap.” Initially, reports claimed that the murder in broad daylight was a result of gang violence, but an update on the report indicates Nipsey may have known the shooter.
Now, we can also see the moment the fatal shooting broke out.
In a surveillance video obtained by TMZ, a man can be seen approaching Nipsey’s storefront. After he disappears for a moment, you can see a group of people scatter and begin to run. The video shows there were multiple witnesses to the shooting, so if it was a known acquaintance of the rappers he could be easily identified by those who were in the area.

During the chaos, one victim can be seen collapsing and falling face down on the pavement as he attempts to get away. It is believed that man was the Crenshaw rapper. According to the New York Daily News, Los Angeles Police Department homicide detectives are pursuing a suspect. It is no longer believed that Nipsey’s murder was a hit from a rival gang, but rather a personal “deal gone wrong.”
At the time of this writing, the LAPD believes they know who the suspect is but he is not yet in custody.
The shooter is described as “a black male in his 20s.”
Video from the moment shots were fired can be seen below.
WARNING: Video contains graphic content some viewers may find disturbing. 
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