LISTEN: "RIP Harambe" Elon Musk Rap Song (FULL TRACK)

Elon Musk has yet again tried to further ingratiate himself with humankind, this time by releasing a hilarious (?) auto-tuned rap song about a two-year-old meme Gorilla called “RIP Harambe”.
The track, which was released on the SoundCloud page of Musk’s fictitious record label “Emo G Records” on Saturday, March 30, pays tribute to Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016 after a 3-year-old boy climbed into his enclosure.
In a Twitter thread, Musk — who goes by “Jung Musk” on the social media platform — called the tongue-in-cheek track his “finest work” and said that he was “disappointed” that his record label “failed.”
“This might be my finest work. I’m disappointed that my record label failed,” Musk tweeted.
“RIP Harambe/Sipping on some Bombay/We on our way to heaven/Amen, Amen. RIP Harambe/Smoking on some strong/In the gorilla zoo/And we thinking about you,” Musk raps on the track in autotune.

The rap track is just another bizarre move from the eccentric billionaire entrepreneur, who has made more headlines for his tweets than his technology over the last couple of years.
Musk had himself an eventful weekend on Twitter, as he was busy tweeting about Duck emojis and Tesla’s semi-automatic trucks in between the release of his new ape-inspired rap track.
As for why Musk chooses to act so bizarre on social media, no one really knows, as his Twitter antics in the past have stirred up some trouble for the Telsa founder.

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