Justin Bieber Sparks Hailey Baldwin Pregnancy Rumors With Instagram Photos

Is Hailey Baldwin pregnant? Justin Bieber sparked some pregnancy rumors about his wife with a series of posts on social media. It all started when Bieber posted a photo of an ultrasound to imply that Baldwin was pregnant. Of course, Complex quickly pointed out that the ultrasound was actually a stock photo from San Juan Hospital.
Shortly after Bieber posted the captionless photo, Baldwin responded with simply “very funny…” to indicate it was a joke.
Good ole Bieber, always the jokester.


However, after the ultrasound photo, the plot thickened.
Bieber followed up the ultrasound photo with a series of pictures that show Baldwin in the doctor’s office. In the photos — which were captioned “If U thought it was April fools — she can be holding her stomach.


Okay, now you have our attention.
Faking pregnancies and engagements are as tired and lazy as an April Fools joke can be, so we would hope Bieber would find some new material. The photos of Baldwin in the doctor’s office, however, seemed to give some legitimacy to the claim.
Then again, this is The Biebs we are talking about and, well…


It looks like we can all return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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