Cancel Culture Is Actually Counterproductive & Should Be Canceled Itself

In today’s day and age, people tend to want to be more politically correct than ever. That has led to angry mobs on social media platforms rallying together any time there is a controversial statement or any comment that is outside of the norm. It’s “Cancel Culture.”
“Cancel Culture” targets the controversial celebrities in the hope of getting them out of the spotlight, while no longer supporting their art or craft in any way.
But is “cancel culture” actually helping society or is it counterproductive? According to hip hop star J. Cole, it’s the latter.
In a recent interview with XXL magazine, J. Cole explained his problem with “cancel culture.”
“I understand outrage. So I don’t know. If anything, it kind of makes me want to be even more empathetic to people that the world considers to be undesirable,” he said. “Because we live in a world where everybody wants to be so quick to cancel somebody. But at the same time, people condemn the criminal justice system, which is entirely the cancellation system.
“To me, both of those ideas are f*cked up, like, ‘We’re throwing you away.’ […] You’re looking to punish me—and don’t get it twisted, what I did was a punishable offense—but where are you talking about healing me? Where are you going to show me some compassion and some f*cking love?”
While Cole is adamant that compassion and empathy are the way to go when someone makes a mistake, it is important that there is still accountability.
“I’m down for accountability culture. I’m cool with that. Even for myself,” he said. “Everyone needs to be accountable. I don’t mind if someone got something to say about me or what I said or did. That’s all good. But cancel culture? I don’t cancel nobody.”
J. Cole provides a fresh take, especially at a time when society is as divided as ever. After all, if we want to get society to where we all believe it should be, we have to work together and all hands need to be on deck. So, yeah, let’s cancel “cancel culture.”

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