'Game Of Thrones' Launches AR Game That Allows You To Fight White Walkers

Just because Game Of Thrones is coming to an end on television does not mean that we’ve seen the last of the property, as a prequel show and various other Thrones-related ventures are currently in the works.
In celebration of the iconic series final six-episode run, HBO has partnered with AT&T and augmented reality startup company Magic Leap to deliver “The Dead Must Die: A Magic Leap Encounter.”
Described by Magic Leap and HBO has an “immersive encounter” that will bring fans into a “confrontation between the wights themselves and a standoff with a White Walker”, “The Dead Must Die: A Magic Leap Encounter” will be available to play at select AT&T stores in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas.
The game will be available to play in Boston on April 1, Chicago on April 3, and San Francisco on April 6. The Los Angeles and Dallas release dates were not specified.
According to Variety, Magic Leap said that “there’s no edge of the screen to be protected by” due to the nature of augmented reality and that while “it’s scary to see a White Walker” it’s “much scarier when it sees you.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: but what about an acutal Thrones game for traditional platforms like PS4 or Xbox One?
Franky, I agree. How properties like Games Of Thrones and The Avengers have gone all this time without a legitimate video game is beyond me. Just look at Red Dead Redemption 2 — that game made as much money as a big budget movie.
So just imagine how sick a game would be where suit up for the Night’s Watch on a dragon and roam the realms of Westeros.
As of now, the only Game Of Thrones video games of note is the Telltale series from 2014 and the mobile game, Game Of Thrones: Conquest.
Game Of Thrones six-episode eighth and final season premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. EST.

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