Arby's Manager Chases Down & Fatally Shoots Customer Who Spit In Her Face

Deionna Young, a 25-year-old manager at an Arby’s restaurant in Tulsa, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder following an argument with a customer. According to multiple reports, Young chased down a customer, 25-year-old Desean Tallent, with her car after a heated exchange inside of the restaurant.
Young and Tallent were in their vehicles when Young fired a shot that struck Tallent in the upper torso before he crashed into the car entrance of a Walmart.
The Tulsa Police Department said that the altercation began when Tallent threatened and spit on Young before he left the restaurant. He returned to the store an hour later, which is when Young got in her car and chased him out of the parking lot before firing the fatal shot. Police found an unlicensed a .45 caliber handgun in Young’s possession.
Young confessed to police that she shot Tallent, but claims that she destroyed the weapon. She has stated she will show police where she dumped the parts.
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From the police report:

Monday, Detective Leatherman and Detective White found QT video across from the Arby’s at 4100 S. Garnett. It turned out that Desean Tallent had been involved in an altercation at the Arby’s that ended with him making threats to the manager and spitting in her face. He promised to come back and hurt her and about an hour later, came back. Officers were flagged down by the manager, and did a report on the incident, naming Tallent as the assault suspect.
When Tallent came back and circled the lot, the manager, Deionna Young, ran outside and got into her car. She followed him down Garnett and both vehicles braking and playing cat and mouse. She shot at Tallent and then drove back to work.

After shooting Tallent, Young returned to work.
Young is now in custody, however, and being held without bond at Tulsa County Jail.

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