University Testing A Policy That Would Allow Alcohol In The Dorms

Central Connecticut State University, a tiny public college in Connecticut with less than 10,000 undergraduate students, is reportedly testing a new school policy that would allow students who are of the legal drinking age to have alcoholic beverages in their dorm rooms.
According to local reports, the new policy would overturn a decades-long ban of alcohol in the university’s dorm rooms.
Speaking to WVIT-TV, Michael Jasek — the Vice President of Student Affairs at the school — said that Central Connecticut State University officials hope that the program will encourage older students to continue living on campus.
Additionally, Jasek said that students will have the ability to request a dorm in the halls where drinking is allowed starting in the Fall 2019 semester.
However, eligible students will only be allowed to keep a six-pack of beer, a bottle of wine or a small liquor bottle, and alcohol will not be allowed in the dorms’ hallways or common areas.
Under this new policy, should any issues arise, they will be dealt with the same way they are now, through Resident Assistants or police.
The university said that in a year’s time, the school will re-evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and make a decision about the future from there.
Central Connecticut State University is a public university in New Britain, Connecticut. Founded in 1849, Central Connecticut State University is the state’s oldest publicly funded university.
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