From William Hill Casino to Nintendo: How Top Entertainment Brands Evolve to Succeed

If you’re a fan of betting on a range of sports, the chances are you will have heard of William Hill. The organization has expanded its presence across the US in the last 12 months and is aiming to provide betting services wherever it can in line with current regulations.
However, while you may have come across the name in casinos and racetracks in states like Nevada, you may not realize the company also has an online presence. Not only that, but the brand is using it to offer services you may not have initially expected.

Bringing live casino action online

William Hill was originally founded in 1934 in the UK and while the majority of its business is focused on that area, the gambling giant also offers services in Italy and Spain. It has now been operating in the US since 2012 and although the brand may be purely synonymous with sports betting in this country, it has chosen to embrace the casino world in its move online.
In its review of William Hill Casino, outlines how the organization’s site features a range of classic games including roulette and blackjack, with many being offered through live casino services – a set-up which sees dealers host the action via a video link.
While it is unsurprising to see William Hill develop an online presence, it is fascinating to see how it has chosen to take a new approach and move away from its usual services when doing so. However, the company is just the latest in a long line of entertainment brands that have chosen to adapt and evolve as they chase success.

Household names

A great number of brands that are now regarded as household names have developed their offerings across time, branching out into new and often unexpected areas.
For example, Sir Richard Branson’s famous Virgin Group started life when he opened a chain of record stores in the early 1970s, but the business went on to take in ventures as diverse as a record label, an airline and of course his plans for space tourism with Virgin Galactic. The vehicle he intends to use for the latter undertook its first flight in space at the end of last year.

Another major business which started life in a different guise was Nintendo. You may not have known it, but the company actually launched 130 years ago and originally started out by making handmade playing cards. By the 1970s and 1980s, it, of course, became focused on video games and the rest, as they usually say, is history.
Finally, Domino’s Pizza started life as a restaurant chain with just three stores – represented on the logo by the dots – but grew into a global giant by becoming synonymous with delivering its food directly to its customers’ doors.

Unexpected directions

Of course, as William Hill demonstrates, for many businesses these days evolution is all about heading online. However, for some, it can actually mean the opposite. For example, Amazon may have made its name as an online retail giant but the company clearly appears to view its next step as being offline.
The company has moved into opening its own physical shops in recent years, beginning with the introduction of its Amazon Books outlets. Opened in states across the US including California, Washington and New Jersey, outlines how the stores focus unsurprisingly on selling books but also provide an opportunity for visitors to take a closer look at technology like the Kindle and Amazon’s Echo smart home device. In addition, another development by Amazon in the past year or so has been the introduction of its innovative Amazon Go stores.

The convenience stores have attracted plenty of attention in recent months as they allow people to purchase products without using a checkout. A customer’s activity in the shop is tracked and when they leave their Amazon account is charged via an app. The concept is a fascinating marriage of innovation and old-school shopping and reports suggest that Brits will get to try it out at a store planned to open in London.

Adapting and changing

So, while William Hill may be busy making its name in the US for betting, it is thriving in other areas thanks to its interest in online casino games. Such activity makes the company a prime example of how many brands have to adapt and change in order to move forward.
There is no news on whether William Hill’s casino services may become available in the US but it is fascinating to see how it is just the latest in a number of brands to make a change in order to develop.

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