This “Model” Sells Explicit Photos Of Herself With Her Mother’s Help Because 2019

Beth Spiby is a 22-year-old English woman who sells explicit photos of herself with the help of her mother.

According to the British tabloid Mirror, Spiby — who has over 64,000 followers on Instagram — has acquired more than 1,000 Only Fans subscribers who pay approximately $16 per month to receive explicit photos from her.

Spiby claims to currently earn over $13,000 per month with this method.

And while all of that is relatively tame behavior considering modern times, the situation becomes a little stickier when you learn that Spiby sometimes employees her 53-year-old accountant mother Jane to assist in the adult photography.

Trying to rationalize her behavior, Spiby says that “obviously she [her mother Jane] doesn’t do anything too explicit because that would be crossing the line.”

“It’s more the underwear shots with my mum,” Beth says. So, in case you were wondering where the line is, there it is.

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Usually, this is the part where we’d saying something like “make sure to follow Beth Spiby on Instagram for yourself to keep up with all of her latest IG heat”, but we’d understand if you want to never think about Spiby or her rise to internet relevancy ever again.

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