Pacman Jones Threatened To Kill Cop During February Casino Arrest

NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested back in February at an Indiana casino. Jones was arrested at Rising Star Casino Resort after it was alleged that he was cheating while playing a table game. The details of the arrest make the story even wilder.
According to a report from TMZ Sports, Jones made multiple threats during the arrest and threatened to kill one of the offers. Jones was also pleasant enough to tell another officer to “suck my d*ck.”
From the report:

Jones didn’t take kindly to the allegations — telling multiple officials, “F*ck you” … while moving his hands in a threatening manner and gesturing with his middle finger, according to the court docs. During the altercation, IGCE agent Christopher Norton says Jones turned to another IGCE agent and told him, “I will kill you … I will whoop your ass.”

The story continues to get wild, with reports that Jones temporarily broke free of the custody and attempted to run away.
Of course, he didn’t get very far before he was subdued by officers and taken into custody by the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department. It was at that point that Jones continued his tired with comments like “F*ck you,” “Suck my d*ck” and “You’re a bunch of crackers.”
Jones was hit with eight criminal charges including felony intimidation and felony battery against an officer, and six misdemeanor charges — cheating at gambling, resisting law enforcement, and public intoxication.
The 14-year NFL is currently a free agent after being released in November 2018 by the Denver Broncos after playing in seven games.

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