WATCH: 'Shazam' Official Trailer #2 (VIDEO)

Critics and fans felt like the DC Comics Extended Universe got off to something of a rocky start. But Wonder Woman was considered by many to be fantastic and Aquaman made over $1 billion at the box office. Next up for the series is the debut of Shazam! and the latest trailer for the film was just released.
It builds on what worked in the original trailer while giving viewers more insights into what the plot is. The story follows a teenage boy named Billy Batson who can transform into an adult superhero by saying the word “Shazam.” As his alter ego, Batson has super strength, enhanced speed, and electricity manipulation. All of those powers are showcased in the new trailer.
You can check out the brand new trailer below

The film stars Zachary Levi as the adult Billy Batson and Asher Angel as the teenage version. Jack Dylan Grazer plays Freddy Freeman, Billy’s best friend. There’s also Mark Strong as the villainous Dr. Thaddeus Stevens and Djimon Hounsou as The Wizard who grants Billy his powers.
The first trailer used a modified “HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar, but the new one opts for the much older “My Name Is” by Eminem. From the trailer, it’s clear that Billy Batson will be an eager superhero out to do some good in the world, but he’s in over his head. Mistakes are made and he takes quite a beating from the villain.
Directed by David F. Sandberg of Annabelle: Creation fame, Shazam! has a reported $90 million budget and is scheduled to arrive in theaters on April 5, 2019.

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