College Lacrosse Player Alex Chu Can't Play Because His Head Is Too Big

We’ve all heard the term “big head” before, but Alex Chu is taking it to the next level. The freshman lacrosse player at Division III school Wheaton College is currently sidelined and unable to play because his head is too big. According to the Boston Globe, Chu is unable to find a helmet that can fit his head.
When in high school, Chu had a custom-made helmet. However, the NCAA is currently not clearing or approving the equipment so Chu is ineligible to play.
“Lacrosse is kind of my whole life,” Chu told the Boston Globe. “I can’t remember ever going this long without playing… It’s frustrating. I love lacrosse. Being part of a team is so special.”
Chu stands at 6-foot, 265 pounds.
The biggest helmet available is reportedly 24-inches, however…

I get that these companies are in business to make a buck and that there’s little profit in a one-off order of this sort. After all, the vast majority of lacrosse players have a head circumference of less than 24 inches and fit nicely into one of the standard-size helmets that come rolling off the assembly line. Chu’s head circumference is slightly larger than 25 inches, so big that he can’t get even the largest available helmet over his ears.

Tough luck.
Chu is a goalie for Wheaton College, but for now he has to remain on the sidelines. He was recently profiled by local news station CBS-4.
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The good news for Chu, however, is that Warrior, which is owned by New Balance, is ready to send a larger helmet that is not yet on the market. The company is sending Chu an early release with the hope of getting him on the field.
“I’m just really excited. The hope is it’s able to fit me,”he told CBS Boston. “We would all be thrilled. We’re really looking forward to finding a solution here, and getting him out on the field,” says Coach Hart.
Let’s hope this helps the kid get back on the field.

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