WATCH: Water Pipe Bursts At University Of Calgary, Soaks Students

A stunning moment at the University of Calgary was captured on camera by a student last week. As students were leaving class, a water pipe burst in the hallway and a steady stream of water came pouring down on students below.
While an exact cause for the water pipe explosion has not been identified, firefighters believe the extreme cold could have played a role, according to the Daily Mail.
Eventually, as the ceiling tiles became more and more soaked, they gave out and came crashing to the ground as students fled back into their classrooms.
The report adds:

The water jetted out into a hallway that links the Science A and B buildings on the university campus. The water started flooding the hallway at about 2pm on Monday afternoon. University maintenance teams eventually managed to get the leak under control.

The Calgary Fire Department the water was coming out so rapidly that it was flooding onto the street and freezing over. The cause of the water pipe burst remains under investigation.
There were multiple instances of water pipes bursting in Calgary as extreme cold took over the area, with another incident across town also requiring a response from the fire department.
You can watch video of the stunning moment below, via Global News.
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Mon, Feb 4: An explosion of water, resulting from a burst pipe, caught some University of Calgary students off guard on Monday.

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