WATCH: Father Inexplicably Forgets Baby On Train While Smoking Cigarette, Tries Chasing It Down

A baby was left alone on a train when a father went onto the platform in order to smoke a cigarette. That’s not a sentence you hear often, but that’s what happened this Ohio father and his child.
Worse yet, before the father finished his smoke the train began to pull out from the station, with the baby still on board.

What Happened?

In the early morning, a father in Cleveland, Ohio had been traveling with his child. He had placed the child carrier onto a seat on the train, then proceeded to exit onto the platform. The father asked another passenger for a light and proceeded to take a smoke break.
According to Daily Mail, a passenger noticed that the train was about to begin moving and attempted to alert the father. The passenger banged on the windows and even ran up to the door to call out to the father.
Before the father could react, the doors slid shut and began to roll away from Windermere Station.

The CCTV footage shows the father banging on the window before the train moves. He even chases after it but knows that its futile. Luckily, the passenger on the train took immediate action and ran to the front carriage to inform the driver of the situation.
The driver quickly reversed course and went back. The baby was safely reunited with the father at the station.
According to a police statement, the father was accused of acting ‘menacing’ towards the train operator after the fact. However, after an investigation by the¬†Regional Transit Authority (RTA), those claims were never proven.
RTA officials said neither the baby nor any of the passengers were in any danger during the incident. However, the driver will be ‘coached’ due to not following communication procedures.

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