WATCH: Kyler Murray Gives Painfully Awkward Interview With Dan Patrick

Kyler Murray is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and a top MLB Draft pick. He has also declared for the NFL Draft after his breakout year for the Oklahoma Sooners, leading to questions about whether he will pursue a professional career in baseball or football.
So on Friday, February 1, with the NFL Draft season already in full swing, Murray should have been ready to discuss those topics when he appeared on The Dan Patrick show to promote Gatorade. But, he was not.
Murray was unwilling to engage in questions about his future which led to a painfully awkward interview on-air.
Here is the brutal exchange:

You can really see how painful things were in the transcription provided by Deadspin.

DAN PATRICK: Are you going to the combine?
KYLER MURRAY: [long silence] I dunno.
PATRICK: Uh—Dad, is he going to the combine?
KEVIN MURRAY: [offscreen] No comment.
PATRICK: Dad had no comment there. Pro Day?
MURRAY: I mean, that’s after the combine.
PATRICK: Yeah, you gonna do a Pro Day?
MURRAY: [Awkwardly laughs as if Dan Patrick just asked him whether he’s circumcised]
MURRAY: [Looks offscreen] I guess, we’ll see, yeah.
PATRICK: Yeah, yeah. It’s okay. You can have a Pro Day.
MURRAY: That would imply that I was going to play football.
PATRICK: Uh, okay. So you’re gonna have a Pro Day? When do you report for the Oakland A’s?
MURRAY: February 15.
PATRICK: Ooh, you knew that. Okay. So you’re ready to go to do that.
MURRAY: [silent]
PATRICK: Wait, are you going to spring training?
MURRAY: [Laughs] I don’t know.
PATRICK: You don’t know?! Dad, is he going to spring training? Another no comment here. You know, these microphones are on right now.

If Murray wants to earn the confidence and trust of NFL teams as a potential franchise signal-caller, he better start better preparing to answer questions about his commitment to the sport.
Below is the full 13:29 interview, if you have the patience to watch.

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