Super Bowl Commercials 2019: Watch All The Best & Funniest Ads From The Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday, it’s practically a national holiday in the United States at this point. Two teams will play against the other in order to gain the title of Super Bowl Champs. Though any are excited to see who takes the title and will bring home the Lombardi trophy, there is another reason that people are excited about this huge football event. The commercials are one of the highlights of the Super Bowl.
Usually, no one is seated when ads play during an event, but this football game is different. Some of the craziest, wackiest, most moving advertisements are showcased in between plays. It costs companies a pretty hefty price to play a commercial during the Super Bowl, but it has proven to be worth it. It costs approximately $5 million dollars for a thirty-second ad to air during this Primetime event.

Super Bowl LII Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, February 3
Kickoff Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
TV Channel: CBS
Check out all of the commercials, in-between plays from the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, here.


Amazon is continuing their trend of utilizing a lot of celebrities. Last year, they had Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsey and more trying to replace Alexa. Now they showcase that while Alexa is great, she doesn’t work for everything.
Celebrities: Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, and the Kelly Brothers


Budweiser is a personal favorite of mine, I’ve always been a fan of their Super Bowl commercials. In this ad, they take the time to let the audience know that they now run on clean energy. A simple, commercial that features a good boy.
Celebrities: None


Teaser trailers are known to be for movies, but now it looks like we get teasers about upcoming commercials. Bumble partnered with Serena Williams to make a powerful message of strong women. This is something we can stand behind.
Celebrities: Serena Williams

Burger King

Burger King is back and so is the iconic mascot. We don’t quite know what hijinks will ensue, but Sunday we’ll find out.
Celebrities: Burger King Mascot


Doritos is practically a guarantee at the Super Bowl. People always look forward to their advertisements and boy did they deliver. They used the star power of Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys to show off their new Flaming Hot Doritos.
Celebrities: Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys


Kia isn’t afraid to call out some companies that are using celebrity endorsement for Super Bowl commercials. Instead, they want to use that money to go towards others in a rather heartwarming sentiment.
Celebrities: None


When you think of Olay, you don’t think masked killer in a horror film, but that’s what they’re giving us. In this teaser for the commercial that will debut during the Super Bowl, we can only wonder what they have in store.
Celebrities: None


Pepsi is also known to have some great commercials play during the Super Bowl, and this year is no different. With this star power, it’s making me reach for a Pepsi.
Celebrities: Steve Carrell, Lil John, and Cardi B


Pringles highlights the staple stacking in this commercial. Unfortunately, the device laments over the fact that they cannot eat the delicious stack and before they get too philosophical, it’s time to play Funky Town.
Celebrities: None

Stella Artois

A commercial that brings back ‘The Dude’, Stella Artois showcases their beer with two well-known celebrities. Sometimes change is nice, as long as you’re having a Stella Artois that is.
Celebrities: Jeff Bridges and Sarah Jessica Parker


Toyota shows off their hybrid in this inspiring commercial. They showcase the ever independent and determined Toni Harris in an advertisement that hopes to shatter your perceptions.
Celebrities: Toni Harris


Verizon is using their advertisement in a moving tribute to first responders. There are those in the NFL who would not be here without those that risk their lives and Verizon gives these players the chance to say thank you.
Celebrities: None
As more trailers are released, we will update this page, so check in often. 

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