New England Patriots Cheerleaders 2019: Full Roster & Photos

The cheerleaders for the New England Patriots are as busy — if not busier — than any other cheer squad in the NFL given the Patriots regular deep runs into the postseason.
Playing in their fourth Super Bowl in the last five years, the Patriots cheerleaders have been working overtime in recent seasons, as the Patriots usually have home-field advantage in the playoffs and also usually (and unfortunately) reach the Super Bowl, meaning their cheer team accompanies them for the ride.
While NFL cheerleaders are notoriously underpaid, if you are going to cheer for one of the teams in the league, it may as well be the best one — and there’s no question that the Patriots are the premier franchise in the NFL.
Meet all of the team members of the 2018-19 New England Patriots cheerleading squad below!

Adrena Santorsola

asantorsolaa | View On Instagram

Alena Nagy

New England Patriots cheerleader Alena Nagy’s Instagram account is private, but you can follow her here.

alena nagy


Alex Brandy

alexbrandy | View On Instagram

Alicia Capone

aleetheg | View On Instagram

Alyssa Crane

alyssacrane1 | View On Instagram

Brooke Attanasio

Caitrin Bellavance

Courtney Lamont

Posted by Courtney Elizabeth on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Courtney Krauss

courtkrauss | View On Instagram

Isabella Tropeano

bellatropeano | View On Instagram

Jamie Ramirez

New England Patriots cheerleader Jamie Ramirez does not appear to have an Instagram or any public social media accounts.

Jenna Cloutier

While Patriots cheerleader Jenna Cloutier doesn’t have an Instagram accout, she does have a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and has a Masters in Power Systems Management.
Screenshot via LinkedIn

Jennifer Azarian

jazarian | View On Instagram

Jonet Nichelle

jonet.nichelle | View On Instagram

Julia Rossi

New England Patriots cheerleader Julia Rossi appears to only be on Facebook.

Posted by Julia Rossi on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kayla Brunson

kaylab_27 | View On Instagram

Kelsey Cornwell

kelseycornwell | View On Instagram

Kelsey Zimmerer

kelseyzimmerer | View On Instagram

Kendall Pope

kendall pope

Screenshot via LinkedIn

Khamare Farrar

khamaremarjan | View On Instagram

Lauren Daniska

New England Patriots cheerleader Lauren Daniska’s Instagram account is private, but you can try following her here.

lauren daniska


Leanne Santorsola

Leanne’s sister Adrena is also a cheerleader for the New England Patriots.

lsantorsola | View On Instagram

Melinda Carraher

manesbymelinda | View On Instagram

Melissa DeChello

New England Patriots cheerleader Melissa DeChello’s Instagram account is private, but you can try following her here.

melissa dechello


Michaela Main

New England Patriots cheerleader Michaela Main’s Instagram account is private, but you can try following her here.

michaela main Instagram


Nicolette Peloquin

New England Patriots Nicollette Peloquin is a former Miss Rhode Island in 2017.

missamericari | View On Instagram

Morgan Dzicek

morgandzicek | View On Instagram

Nicole Manelas

nicolemanelas | View On Instagram

Sarah Masry

sarahlmasry | View On Instagram

Talia Laurito

In addition to being a New England Patriots cheerleader, Laurito is a certified trainer and wellness coach.

taliiialaurito | View On Instagram

Vanessa Fatizzo

vanessafattizzo | View On Instagram

Victoria McAleer

Patriots cheerleader Victoria graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2019

victoriamcaleer | View On Instagram

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