Ariana Grande Accidentally Tattooed The Phrase "Tiny Barbecue Grill" On Herself

Look, I — like most people on Earth — rather enjoy Ariana Grande.
Not only is she both insanely talented and next-level gorgeous, but she seems to have a decent head on her shoulders and comes off as slightly more authentic than international pop stars of past and present.
Given that Taylor Swift is as interesting as a slightly soggy piece of printer paper, Ariana Grande can be considered a major step up.
However, just because Grande is relatively more likable than her contemporaries does not mean that she isn’t susceptible to the same mistakes that they, and all girls her age, make … such as getting a Japanese tattoo that may or may not be improperly translated.
According to various Twitter detectives, Ariana Grande‘s new tattoo — which was supposed to translate to “7 rings” (the title of her latest single off Thank U, Next) actually means “tiny barbecue grill.”

Whether this is a result of her being a stupid rich girl or a stupid white girl is irrelevant (because the answer is probably both) — what matters is how remarkably hilarious it is for one of the most popular human beings on the planet to not have the wherewithal or resources to get a correct Japanese translation before tattooing it on her hand.
Grande, obviously, has since deflected, claiming that the mistranslation was a conscious decision as she chose to have some letters removed because the tattooing process “hurt like f*ck.”
Fine, Ariana, whatever you say — we’ll believe you.

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