Cardi B Doing Her Best To Break The Internet with The Music Video For 'Twerk'

Despite the fact that she’s been famous for a couple of years now, I still have yet to decide whether I am wildly attracted to or frightened of Cardi B.
Either way, both of those feelings are confirmed in the music video for her latest song ‘Twerk’, which features her and about 100 other women in various outfits twerking in various locations.
Oh, America, you’re a real shitshow these days… but sometimes you can remind us what makes you so beautiful.

However, despite having all of the Cardi B trademarks, “Twerk” is actually a City Girls track, which is the duo of “Yung Miami” and “JT”. Don’t beat yourself up for having never heard of them, because I haven’t either.
According to City Girls’ PR team, in the music video for “Twerk”,¬†Yung Miami and JT “own the dance for themselves, rallying their troupe of women to get cheeks flying and take control of their own sexuality.” By the way, for reference, “Yung Miami” is the one painted like a Zebra.
To their credit, the success of “Twerk” isn’t all just shock value views, as the song had over 39.3 million streams before the patently insane video dropped, proving that Cardi B is currently in the midst of a hot streak for the ages.

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