WATCH: 100 Chicago Bears Fans Miserably Fail Cody Parkey Challenge

Chicago Bears fans had the opportunity to cash in on the opportunity to win free beer for a year on Sunday, January 13. All they had to do was successfully kick a 43-yard field goal. The challenge was set up by Goose Island Beer Co. after Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed a potential game-winning field goal which left the team eliminated from the NFL Playoffs.
“A lot of armchair kickers on here are saying that they could hit that field goal, which we find DOUBTFUL. You’re gonna sit there on your throne of potato chips and vape pens and criticize this dude’s athleticism? GET REAL,” the brewery announced on Twitter after Parkey’s missed kick. “So you know what we’re going to do? Build a dang field goal post in the middle of the street outside of our brewery, and all you pro athletes can come out and prove us wrong.
“This weekend during normal taproom hours we’ll have a chance for you to show off your kicking skills. Hit the 43 yard field goal and you’ll win beer for a year and eternal glory. More info coming soon.”
Well, 100 fans showed up to take the challenge.
The results: 100 fans failing miserably and plenty of laughter.
Videos from the event surfaced on social media and showed that kicking a 43-yarder is much harder than you might think. Add in a little snow, and the comedy was too good to be true.
You can check out a few of the hilarious misses from the afternoon below.

Parkey had the opportunity to be a hero when he lined up for the game-winning attempt well within his range with less than ten seconds left.
Unfortunately for Parkey and everyone rooting for Chicago, he pushed the kick a little too far to the left and it clanked off the upright before falling and bouncing off the crossbar as well. The Bears season was over.
He still came closer than all of the fans.

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