The 5 Unusually Weird But TRUE Disney Park Stories

People know Disneyland and World to be the happiest places on earth, but there are a few things you may not know about Disney. The colorful park filled with all our childhood characters isn’t so happy and wonder like we thought it was. We many eyewitness reports and stories from cast members, Disney has some dark stories. You are probably asking why these stories haven’t come out sooner, well Disney has a magic way of throwing everything under the flying carpet. Here are a few stories that you may not know about. Be careful, this could ruin a part of your childhood.

Monorail Fire

The monorail is the best form of transportation through each of the parks and parking lots. However, in 1985 one of the monorail tires went flat. Because of the friction with the flat tire, it ignited and caused a massive fire at the front of the monorail. Passengers were forced to climb on top of the monorail cars to avoid the flames and breathing in the smoke. No one wanted to brave the 30-foot fall and instead waited for firefighters to climb one by one to get all 240 passengers off the burning monorail. No one was killed, but a few were injured in the fire.

Ashes In The Haunted Mansion

There aren’t just fake ghosts in the ride The Haunted Mansion. Well, kind of. In California and Florida, The Haunted Mansion is a notorious spot for people to pour there loved one’s ashes. This is a reoccurring problem since most park goers think they can sneak past cast members. But, they are mistaken since there are hidden cameras in the ride. The process of clean up is, find the park goer who has dumped the ashes, stop the ride, dust bust the ashes and throw them in the trash with the rest of the Mickey Mouse food products.

Death On Splash Mountain

Yes, there are deaths at Disneyland and Disney World, multiple deaths have occurred in a Disney park. Some of the heart attacks, snake bites, accidental ride malfunctions, and even mysterious suicides. One that was a freak accident happened on Splash Mountain. Disney cast members do say they get a lot of chickens who get to the front of the lines and back out at the last minute. However, one man decided to tough it out and decided to sit in the fake log. However, as he got closer to the first drop, he bailed. Unfortunately, as he bailed he fell into the water just before the backlog hit the log in front, killing him at impact.

Minnie Was Groped

People visit Disney Parks to go back to their childhood selves, however for one man he had some other plans with a young lady by the name of Minnie Mouse. Sixty-year-old, John Moyer, entered the park a bit hornier than usual and decided to get it off on Minnie Mouse. Instead of taking an innocent picture, he grabbed her breasts and went in back and grabbed her butt. Brittney McGoldrick was the cast member inside the Minnie Mouse costume and managed to get the Moyer off of her still staying in character. Moyer was quickly arrested and charged for a misdemeanor battery. He was sentenced to six months in prison and 50 hours of community service.

Fire In The Dwarf Mine

Fireworks at Disney Parks are the best way to end a magical night at Disney. However, on a November night in 2014, an ember from one of the fireworks landed on The Seven Dwarf Mine Train ride. The fake grass on the ride cot fire. Luckily, cast members were able to get everyone off safely with no injuries. Firefighters rushed to the scene and put out the fire. The fire never did spread outside of the fake grass, but still caused some damage. So, next time you are at Disney and the fireworks go off, make sure you keep your eyes out for any falling embers.

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