University of Louisville Dance Coach Fired For “Misplacing” $40,000

Todd Sharp, a successful women’s dance coach at the University of Louisville, has been fired after an internal investigation at the school found that Sharp had “engaged in fiscal misconduct”

According to the Courier-Journal, a six-month investigation conducted by the University of Louisville found that the university’s women’s dance team’s “deposits” were roughly $40,000 less than expected.

The review, which was carried out by the University of Louisville Audit Services and the university’s police department, found that the dance and cheer team had deposited $29,372 between May 2016 and October 2018. However, the university found that the team’s total deposits should have totaled approximately $70,000 between April 2017 and June 2018.

Sharp’s termination was made officially effective on Friday, December 14. The university says he does have the right to appeal the decision.

via Courier-Journal:

The investigation, which was conducted by University of Louisville Audit Services, in conjunction with the University of Louisville Police Department, found deposit activity for cheer and dance between May 2016 and October 2018 totaled $29,372, according to the letter.

Rough estimates show that amount, which consists of revenue-generating events, programs, and fundraising, should have totaled $70,000 between April 2017 and June 2018, the letter states.

“Interviews conducted as part of this review process identified you as the recipient of payments, fundraising, and sales proceeds, and that you directed funds be submitted directly to you in cash,” read the letter, which was dated Dec. 14 and sent by Louisville athletic director Vince Tyra.

Sharp was not your average college dance team coach, as his unorthodox training methods with the University of Louisville dance team was portrayed in the Lifetime television series So Sharp.

Despite being a vocal presence on social media prior to his firing, Sharp has deleted his social media accounts.

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