Playboy Model Arrested For Posing With A Crucifix At The Vatican

Marisa Papen, a controversial 26-year-old Belgian Playboy model, was arrested and detained for over 10 hours after she posed nude while holding a crucifix in front of the St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.
According to The Sun, photos shot by Australian photographer Jesse Walker show Papen carrying a wooden crucifix across a street in front of the Vatican’s St Peter’s Basilica.
A second photograph shows Papen tied to the crucifix with a red cross painted on her forehead. Furthermore, a third photograph depicts Papen sitting on a stack of bibles in St Peter’s Square.
via The Sun:

The pair was chased by Italian police after Papen and Walker were caught in the middle of the unconventional photoshoot on Sunday.
Papen said: “I was right in the middle of putting on my underwear when two police cars suddenly arrived and another four cops approached us on foot, brandishing their batons and saying ‘passports please’.”
They were taken to the police station where they were questioned and detained for 10 hours. Afterwards, they were taken to their Airbnb rental apartment where cops found the large wood crucifix and other props such as rosaries, fake blood, priest outfits and a crown of thorns.

This is not the first time that Papen has been arrested for her photos, as she was temporarily imprisoned for posing in the nude at the Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt. She has also posed in front of the Wailing Wall in Israel.
Marisa Papen has posed for Playboy during her modeling career.
This story is developing.

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