Top 5 Best Ways To Celebrate Christmas In College

College students can all agree, it’s hard to celebrate Christmas in college. Christmas season is during finals season, one of the worst seasons of the year. And it doesn’t happen just once, it’s twice a year. And we all know it’s a depressing time of the year. Some people don’t celebrate Christmas until the actual day. And that’s no fun at all. Christmas must be celebrated, even if there are finals. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate Christmas in college.

Decorate Your Dorm Room

It doesn’t take that long, and it doesn’t cost that much money. A few colorful lights and a small fake tree can put any room in the Christmas spirit. Take a break from studying and turn your room into the North Pole. We aren’t serious about that, but make decorating your room fun. You may not be able to decorate a big tree, but you can decorate the white wall of your dorm room.

Christmas Movie Night

Grab a few of your friends, and make it a fun nightly routine. Every night, pick a Christmas movie to watch and enjoy. You don’t have to put all your homework and studying down for the movie, you can do you work during the movie. But, you are with your friends, and you are watching a fun Christmas movie. In some way, there is a little happy in that type of environment.

Christmas Drinks

You may not be able to do a big celebration but have some fun with your roommates and mix up some Christmas drinks together. Something as simple as Bailey’s and hot chocolate can be your Christmas boozy drink of choice. Or get complicated and go online and find a Christmas holiday drink.

Christmas Music
When you are studying or walking to class, play some Christmas music. Put a little smile on your face when working on your final assignment. Have it in the background of your dorm room or play it through your headphones. Listening to Christmas music is proven to make you feel happy, and when you are happy, you are in a better state of mind to get your work done.

Secret Santa Or White Elephant

Get your friends together and do a fun Christmas party with them. It could be a secret Santa event or a white elephant game. It’s something that makes being at college feel like Christmas. Being surrounded by your friends who are also away from their families, puts you in a better mood knowing you aren’t alone. Have some fun this Christmas season.

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