The Struggles Of Snow Days In College

The beautiful days of waking up and looking outside the white snowflakes falling. Seeing the feet of snow on the ground. Then knowing very well you won’t have school, so your natural reaction is to go back to bed. Eventually, get up at noon and go outside to play in the snow with your friends. Well, guess what? That doesn’t happen in college. College is hell, mix in the snow, and you have something out of a horror movie. In college, that luxury of having school canceled is a distant dream. All college students, you know what I’m talking about. Winter may be filled with warm hot chocolate, Christmas time, and pretty snowflakes. But, we all know the struggles that come with snow.

Granted, most snowstorms to cause classes to get canceled. Which can be nice, but that doesn’t mean college students get the day off. Nope, there is a thing called, online sessions. That’s right, college professors still want you to work, so they invented this thing that makes you suffer at home with more work to do. And don’t think you can get away with not doing the online work. There are no excuses for online work. You can literally do it in bed, which makes sitting in bed doing homework an awful experience.

For the snow days that aren’t canceled, break out your winter gear and get ready to battle the snow. And we don’t mean a simple winter jacket, we mean five layers, two layers of socks, snow boots, gloves, beanie, and a scarf. Thinks it’s a lot? Nope, once you walk the first block to your class, you will regret not adding an extra layer. And don’t worry, everyone else will also look like a Pillsbury dough boy walking to their classes.
Just be prepared to walk into class taking off every layer you are wearing. Because if you don’t take them off right away, you will be sweating all throughout your class. All colleges blast the heat, so walking into class will be like walking into a sauna with all those layers on.

Lastly, do not be one of those students who expect there to be a snow day cancelation. For those of you who do this, they find out the class isn’t canceled, and that exam or paper they were supposed to do they aren’t prepared to take or turn in because they thought the class was going to be canceled. Don’t be this student, there are no excuses in college even if it is snowing.

Good luck to all college students this winter season. Stay warm, don’t slip, and we all hope you survive the snow. Winter is coming.

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