The 5 Childhood Presents We Once Hated But Now Wish For

Christmas time is a magical time where little children ask Santa for a new video game or a Barbie Doll. Sometimes what we would ask from Santa wouldn’t get to our extended family. But, that isn’t the case now. We have come to the age where all of our old Christmas presents from our grandparents are now what we wish for. Those fake smiles, disgusted faces, and angry glares from our parents are all gone. What we once thought was a lousy present is something we enjoy today.


You wouldn’t think getting clothing would be a bad thing now, but as a kid, if you didn’t see a bright, colorful toy everything you got was pure crap. For some kids, if the clothing came in a box, they would play with the box rather than try on the clothes. There is a reason why parents are more excited to have their child get clothing, one, because they don’t have to shop for them and two, they get to dress them up. Now, getting clothes that don’t have holes or tears in them is a victory all in itself. Plus, any sweatshirt or sweatpants go a long way.

Bath Items

If you weren’t that kid who got bath products in your stocking, you didn’t live a full childhood at Christmas time. As a child, you would look in your stocking for candy but pull out a tube of lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. Sometimes you would examine it and hope that instead of lotion it was some type of weird goop that you could play with, but it wasn’t. Now, it’s like having the target bath aisle in your stocking.


Don’t get us wrong, getting money as a kid was great. Those times saving Christmas money for ice cream or the book fair. But, sometimes as a kid, you wanted to open something rather than being handed a slip of green paper. Now, you don’t care to open presents you want that green paper given to you. You would prefer multiple pieces of green paper handed to you. And you aren’t saving up for ice cream or the book fair, you are saving up for food and for those die-hard savers, student loans.


We aren’t talking about candy, everyone loves candy. We mean actual food. The grandma who sticks tangerines in your stocking or the aunt who gifts baked good. As a kid, you would think the sugary baked goods who intrigue them, but it’s a kid they want toys, not food. Today, food is at the top of the lists of Christmas presents. When you suffer through dining hall food and $2 ramen noodles, a home cooked muffin is accepted with open arms.


Everyone knows how awful it was to rip open a present and see socks. Today, we always ask for socks. Tall, short, knee high, fluffy, any type of sock is something we will always ask Santa for. And the colorful the better. We want the weird sayings, the strange faces, the funny characters. Christmas is now known as the day of socks.

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