Strasbourg Christmas Attacked Victims: Names, Photos & Details

There have been unconfirmed reports of a shooting at a Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France. Witnesses say that shots were reportedly heard. At this time, restaurants not letting people out and police are currently on the scene.

What Happened?

The police have evacuated the area and cut off access to the main street. They were seen to be armed with machine guns and seen running into Place Kleber, a centre square.
According to Israel National News, 2 is dead and several people have been wounded, one of whom is a tourist who got shot in the stomach. Mirror cited that a BBC reporter said on Twitter that a French Journalist “saw soldiers shoot a man dead, who was reportedly targeting them.”
A resident who lives close to the scene, Poussard Bruno, comments, “The situation remains confused but at 7.55pm, there were several dozen shots fired in my small street in central Strasbourg. Two or three at first, then several volleys.”

Telegraph News also cited that The de la la Grande Est et du Bas Rhin issued a statement saying “Stay calm and follow the orders that will be given,” advising people Consult official accounts to stay informed.” The fire department in the city said one person was dead and six people injured.
According to France info, a man “opened fired on the crowd with an automatic weapon” in the Grand’Rue sector of Strasbourg’s center. According to the mayor, Roland Ries, the gunman has not been caught and he has advised people to come indoors.
A freelance journalist, Camille Belsoeur comments about the scene, “I don’t have more info but soldiers opened fire before my eyes in the centre of Strasbourg and mentioned ‘an armed man who took them on.”
The French prefecture also released a statement.

The French Interior Ministry is urging people to stay homes and is treating this shooting as a serious incident. French Ecology Minister Francois de Rugy also tweeted: “Solidarity and support for the people of Strasbourg. Our support too for the security forces. We are united and determined to protect the French people,” according to The Jerusalem Post. 
The motive of the alleged shooting has not been confirmed at this time, but Amichai Stein tweets that the suspect is a 29 years old male who is previously suspected to be a security risk.
The City Center and the European Parliament were locked down.

What Is The Strasbourg Christmas Market?

The Strasbourg Christmas Market is an annual market that is hosted in Strasbourg, France that draws in around 2 million visitors every year. There is also a Christmas tree where it tops at 32.5m (107 feet). The market is also near Strasbourg Cathedral that has many vendors selling a myriad of stuff that ranges from Christmas ornaments to food and toys. According to Mirror, they said, “Christmas markets are a great way to celebrate the festive period and can be found all across the world. They can be found in a wide array of venues and can span over a weekend and up to six weeks.”


Strasbourg, France Christmas Market Shooting: Full Story of Reported Shots Fired
Strasbourg, France Christmas Market Shooting: Full Story of Reported Shots Fired
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