How To Survive Finals Season: Top 5 Must-See Tips

It’s that time of year, finals are here. The season of cramming in study time, staying up till 3:00 AM, begging professors to up your grade to save your GPA. It’s like watching a horror movie come to life. Professors are now the villains to students. Students must find a back door to finding their solution to acing their final. And the front door is not an option for college students, because the front door is too hard to go through. The studying, the late nights, the long assignments are too hard to get done in such a little amount of time. We have some tips for you to make the front door a little less scary to go through during finals season.

Make A List

Take a few minutes and write down what you need to do and when you need to get it done by. Once you have everything down on paper, you start to realize the amount of work you must get done. Take the list and start with the assignments that you need to turn in first. It’s also nice crossing out something once had to do but are now finished with it. It’s calming and lowers the stress level because sometimes having all these things in your head can jumble up into something bigger than it is. Writing it down helps you see that you really don’t have that much work to do.

Eat Healthy & Hydrate

A lot of students do a lot of stress eating, it’s a new found hobby for them. Food is fuel, it helps our minds think better, and our bodies work powerfully. Feeding your body, greasy chips and fast food will make your mind sluggish and not work the way you want it. Try protein bars, beef jerky, nuts, and fruit as a healthy snack when studying. You will see the change in mood and alertness when studying.


Finals season is known to students as the season of no sleep. Students are staying up in all hours of the night trying to get their final assignments done or studying the last few chapters before the morning exam. But, what students don’t know is getting a good night of sleep help you retain information and relax you before an exam. But, if you are worried because you didn’t study the last chapter, at least get a few hours of sleep rather than none.

Use Supportive Resources

There are two places to get support, both provide two different types of support. One, a support system of your family and friends. The ones who can tell you how good you will do on your exam or who will read through your assignment and tell you what you need to fix. Second, school resources. Go get tutoring, go to peers, professors for help in what you specifically need to study for. IF you are nervous about going to professors or tutoring, know they want to help you succeed not push you down to fail. Everyone will do their best to help you.

Take Breaks

For the love of God! Take a break! It doesn’t have to be a long one, it could be 5 minutes. Take a second to yourself and recollect yourself. If you need to take a 15-minute nap to recharge your batteries. No matter how long the break is, it’s something that helps clear your head and restart you for the next assignment on the list.

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