College Major Stereotypes You Will Always See On Campus

Finding your major is always the toughest decision because that is what you want to do for the rest of your life. Well, sometimes that’s the truth, but either way your major does define you in your college life. Every major is like a click, kind of like a high school click but in college. It’s your group that you can relate to and always be around. But, be prepared you will be judged by other majors, and you will do the same thing. No matter what major you are in, you will judge, and you will be judged. Which major stereotype are you in your college?

Theater & Drama

Very outgoing and flamboyant college students. Theater and drama majors are pretty self-explanatory. They act like their characters on stage. They do try to get into character, but sometimes their inner character looks like a theater character. They will dress up in bright colors and large costumes, but that is their wardrobe. And no matter how much you judge, they really don’t care. It kind of adds to their character’s. They are joyous and all around happy to be in their major, so you can’t bring them down. Just be careful with those understudies they do walk around always upset.


There are two types of English majors. One, the students who love reading and writing and want to take it to the future. Or, two the ones who have no idea what they want to do with life, so they chose the easy English major. English majors are very confusing. Some can be very analytical and give their opinion on everything. They could be really relaxed and just go with the flow of college. Or be those starving writers who want their work to be out their and known. Either way, English majors are forgotten about and blended into the massive crowd of students. If you’re going to be taken seriously, don’t be an English major.


You instantly feel dumb when you are around a business major. Business majors have this power of looking and sounding super smart. They may not be smart, but because of what they have learned in classes and the fact they are dressed like a businessman or women, your IQ instantly drops a few points. They are already better than you when they talk because they are business majors. No matter how dumb or smart they are compared to you, they will make more money than you in the future.

Math & Science

Why? Just why do people decide to go into math or science? We totally understand if you want to be a doctor or find the cure of all diseases, but for all of you who don’t want to do that, why? When you are a math or science major, you are forever a nerd. These majors are always looked at as being cooped up in their dorm room creating boards or diagrams. If you are one of these majors, please be something great for NASA or find the cure of cancer.


Similar to the math and science majors, but these nerds are cooler. They build things, they could be the future of mechanics. You never know, they could be what causes the terminator apocalypse. Engineering majors are looking to become the next Steve Jobs, build the spaceship that brings life to mars or create a time machine. It’s all out in the open for them. However, be careful around these students, they will always think they are better than you. Which they probably are, since they will probably be the first to build an elevator to the moon.

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